Interview questions and answers for RPA - UiPath (Set 6)

uipath interview questions
UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Q- What is the difference between Log Message and Write Line activities in UiPath?

Log Message activity provides way to specify severity of the message by selecting options in level dropdown.

Write Line is a Log Message with trace level fixed severity.

Q- What are the available Log Level in UiPath?
  • Fatal
  • Error
  • Warn
  • Info
  • Trace
Q- What is the difference between Type Into and Set Text activities?

"Set Text" activity is used to set a string to TEXT attribute of an UI element whereas "Type Into" activity is used to type into an editable field just like any human user would do.

Q- What is Anchor Base activity?

It is a container that searches for a UI element by using other UI element as anchors. This is preferable when a reliable selector is not available.

Q- What does the Find Element activity do?

This activity waits for the specified UI element to appear on the screen (to be in foreground) and returns it as a UiElement variable.

Note: Fresher candidates can skip REFramework and/or Orchestrator based questions.


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