UiPath - Download File from URL

UiPath - Download Image/File from URL

When we know about the URL of the file (image, pdf, doc etc) that needs to be downloaded, we can directly download file from URL without interacting with UI.

We will use here UiPath Web Activity "HTTP Request" in order to directly download file from URL.

Let's understand with example

Input variables required:

fileURLEndPoint – the URL of the file, needs to be download from URL

Assign - fileURLEndPoint

filePath – the file path, where we would save the downloaded file.

Assign - filePath

Configure the "HTTP Request" activity:

Now configure the "HTTP Request" activity on providing required values into activity properties named "EndPoint" and "ResourcePath" as shown below:

Assign - HTTP Request Property - EndPoint

Assign - HTTP Request Property - ResourcePath

Now we just need to execute our workflow 😎 and see the magic. πŸ™Œ


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