Interview questions and answers for RPA - UiPath (Set 12)

uipath interview questions
UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Q- How do you manage/download packages and their versions in UiPath?

UiPath provides “package manager” functionality that enables us to select package versions, download activity packages, libraries, can view all the packages already installed as dependency to the project, as well as add or remove custom packages.

Q- How to publish a project to Orchestrator in UiPath?

We need to make sure that the robot is connected to the orchestrator first, in order to publish project directly from studio to orchestrator.

Step 1 – Make sure there is no any validation error in our project.
Step 2 – Click to Publish button in design ribbon tab, the Publish Project window is displayed.
Step 3 – Select Orchestrator feed in publish location.
Step 4 – Write short description in the release notes about the project/changes made.
Step 5 – Now click on Publish, it will publish our project to the Orchestrator and pop up the Info dialog box containing details about the published project version.

Whenever we publish the project, each time a new version of the project is sent to Orchestrator even if we didn’t make any changes.

Q- What is the extension of the package (published project) in UiPath?

In UiPath, the package is NuGet package having extension .nupkg

Q- What is a NuGet package in UiPath?

UiPath Orchestrator accepts the code in the form of NuGet package. Whenever we publish a project either to orchestrator or local drive, a NuGet package is generated for our project.
Even the custom activity package is also the NuGet package.

Q- What is the difference between Mainframe and Non-Mainframe applications?

Mainframe Applications:
These are single screen and keyboard-based applications.

Non-Mainframe Applications:
These applications include multiple screens.
Control moves from one screen to another.

Note: Fresher candidates can skip REFramework and/or Orchestrator based questions.

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