Interview questions and answers for RPA - UiPath (Set 15)

uipath interview questions
UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Q- Explain RE-Framework.

Robotic Enterprise Framework or RE-Framework is a template that is used to create automation workflows in a modular approach for large scale deployments.

It helps developer to build processes quicker and apply best practice principles. It involves clean starting and exists, automated recoveries, retries, status management, logging and clean coding.
RE-Framework consists of below four states:
  • Initialization – Here we read configuration file and initialize applications as required in the process.
  • Get Transaction Data – Get the next transaction item from the queue to get processed.
  • Process Transaction – Process the single transaction item. After processing the outcome can be either Success or Business Exception or System Exception. In case of system exception, the transaction can be automatically retried.
  • End Process – End process and close all used applications gracefully.
Q- Explain the types of exceptions in UiPath?

Broadly there are two types of exceptions:
  1. System Exceptions – These exceptions can occur at any point in our workflow and is related to system and/or applications such as application is not responding, internet is down, required file is not available etc.
  2. Business Exceptions –These exceptions are not actually exceptions; however, we create these exceptions based on business rules of the process. E.g. approve loan below $10 K and if the amount is above $10 K then we will treat it as business exception.
Q- How do you raise system exception and business rule exception?

Using throw activity in UiPath, we raise the exceptions.
  • Expression to raise System Exception – New System.Exception("System Exception Detail Message")
  • Expression to raise Business Exception – New UiPath.Core.BusinessRuleException("Business Exception Detail Message")
Q-For which type of exceptions does the retry functionality of RE-Framework works?

Retry functionality in RE-Framework works only for transaction items which faced "System Exceptions".

Q- Where does the variable named "TransactionNumber" got incremented in RE-Framework?

The variable named "TransactionNumber" got incremented inside a sub-workflow named "SetTransactionStatus" in RE-Framework.

Note: Fresher candidates can skip REFramework and/or Orchestrator based questions.


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