Interview questions and answers for RPA - UiPath (Set 18)

uipath interview questions
UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Q- Explain different queue items statuses.

Item statuses let us know about the status of the item whether it is processed or not, and the state of the item at a time.

Below are the possible 7 states:
  • New – The item has just been added to the queue with the “Add Queue Item” activity, or the item was postponed, or a deadline was added to it, to get it processed.
  • In Progress – The item was processed with the “Get Transaction Item” or the “Add Transaction Item” activity.
  • Failed – When the item faced any exception either Business Exception or System Exception within the project, the item sent to the “Set Transaction Item” activity which changed the status of item to Failed.
  • Successful – The item was successfully processed and sent to a “Set Transaction Status” activity, which updated its status to successful.
  • Abandoned – When the item remained in the “In Progress” state for a long period of time (24 hours) without being processed, the Orchestrator itself updated the status for that item to Abandoned.
  • Retried – When the item failed with a system exception, it would be retried.
  • Deleted – The item has been manually selected and marked as deleted. An item with deleted status can no longer be processed.

Q- Explain different queue items revision statuses?

There are 4 available statuses as given below:
  • None – This is the default status, set to all items, even if they failed or not.
  • In Review – A user has marked an item that has failed with system/application exception as in the process of being reviewed.
  • Verified –A user has marked an item as verified. Items cannot be retried after having this status.
  • Retried – The item has been marked manually for retry. As a result, a new queue item with the new status is created.

Q- At what stage does the status of the transaction item changes from New to In Progress in RE-Framework?

When we get the item using activity "Get Transaction Item" under Get Transaction Data sub-workflow, the activity itself updates the status of the item to In Progress. There is no need to do it externally.

Q- Which activity is linked with the "Stop" command triggered from Orchestrator?

Should Stop – It checks whether the stop command was triggered in Orchestrator or not and accordingly set the Boolean output.

Q- What do you understand by environment in Orchestrator?

An environment is a grouping of robots that is used to deploy processes. Environments are not used in the context of "Modern Folders".

Note: Fresher candidates can skip RE-Framework and/or Orchestrator based questions.


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